Anticipated follow-up to be provided for this petition:

This Call has only one objective: To persuade Masonic obediences to communicate with one another as free, independent fraternal organisations, promoting equal rights and mutual respect, while enabling each member obedience to maintain its own specificity.

When The Call has received a sufficient number of signatures, it shall be sent to all Masonic allegiances for which I have an address on file.

And to the signatories to ensure that they make the necessary effort.


All individual signatures shall remain strictly confidential, known only to the site editor. During data transmission and storage, all signatures will be protected by secure encryption. Of course, with a tremendous expenditure of time and money, any computer code can be broken. But be advised this signatory data is not of any special interest to law enforcement, which has access to far easier means of determining Masons’ individual identities. As for the obediences, they are much more interested in seeing the results of this "opinion poll" than recovering the names of individual supporters: To this end, the tally figures will be continually displayed.

Upon request, representatives of Masonic obediences may obtain a certificate issued by a legally appointed official verifying the number of signatures shown on the bottom of this page. But in keeping with my promise of confidentiality, I cannot provide any other individual with access to this list.

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